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Der den maritime industrien møtes for å dele og lære | Blogg | MarLog
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Welcome to MarBloggen!

Where the maritime industry meets to share and learn

Finally, we are pleased to launch "MarBloggen," and we are very happy that you have found your way here. Do you work in the maritime or oil and gas industry? Then you have come to the right place. We hope to create a space where everyone working on or with vessels or offshore installations can come to learn and share knowledge. Why? Because who doesn't like to stay up to date? Together, we can drive development. Together, we can grow. Together, we can achieve results.


Welcome to MarBloggen.



The content of this blog is created for you who work with vessels or offshore installations. What do you need to remember to think about? What requirements and laws apply? How can you best accommodate your employees?

And most importantly, what can we learn from you? By sharing knowledge and experiences, we can make each other stronger and better equipped to face the future.

We have chosen some of our brightest minds to contribute as authors. The initial posts will focus on anti-slip measures. What is it? Why is it important? How do you choose the right type?

I still remember the days when a mobile phone weighed a whopping 15 kg, and documents were sent by mail. Much has changed during my over 40 years at Dusavik Base and MarLog's 26 years in operation. I hope that my experiences, as well as ours, will help shape the next 40 years of development.


We know that the safety of employees is crucial for our customers. Therefore, we have chosen to start with a blog series on anti-slip measures, like this one:

Every fourth week, a new post will be published, and with each post, you can download detailed knowledge for free, such as this:


What can you expect?

In MarBloggen, you will receive specific content on a wide range of areas within the maritime industry, allowing you to learn more about the latest technology, research, and receive tips that can help you and your company.

High service level, availability, quick responses, and deliveries have always been our trademark. Therefore, I encourage you to subscribe and engage in the comment section below or on LinkedIn. We hope to take your feedback with us in the future to MarLog, creating even better products and tailored solutions for you.

Thank you for reading, thus helping us build a safer, more efficient, and better maritime industry, so that we both can succeed together!